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Colour Tools

Standox Spectro

High-tech equipment has long become part of professional body shop gear, especially when the matter of quick and correct colour matching is concerned. Refinishers clearly benefit from perfectly co-ordinated Standox tools like the 
Genius Spectrophotometer, an ideal device which measures colour quickly and precisely – directly from the vehicle body. 

The multi-angled device is able to read colour rapidly at various angles in order to ensure that colour matching is accurate. Once a colour has been read, the stored data is easily transmitted to the Standowin software for further processing.


Standowin is a quick access colour retrieval program. In addition to the main formulas, there is a facility for the retrieval of customer formulas and Technical Data Sheets - all at the press of a button!





Colour Wheel 

The Standox Colour Wheel poster enables you to arrive at any colour formulation required.

* Solventborne / Waterborne posters available






SA Car Colour Cabinet 

A wall-mounted display unit with 10 fan-deck holders housing individual colour chips, regular colour updates are issued. 

The line colours of every car manufacturer operating in South Africa - as well as imports into Southern Africa - have been reproduced using Standox materials. 

The colour formulations are developed from master panels supplied by manufacturers to the Standox colour laboratory in Port Elizabeth. 

Ensure that you also have the latest SA Car Colour books.


SA Car Colour Index 

Provides refinishers with updates of all SA Car Colours for more than 15 years and is linked to the Standowin for quick and easy colour retrieval.






OEM Colour Box 

Colour Box is a series of modular storage units housing colour fans, Standox's updating service ensures that every user remains fully up to date at all times. 

Designed for refinishers by refinishers, each box contains easily expandable and removable colour fans sorted by car makes and variants which enables refinishers to quickly identify the right colour shade by comparing the fan directly with the vehicle colour. 

Solid and metallic colours can be identified just as easily as the colours of add-on plastic parts or even commercial vehicle colours. Standox offers complete annual editions of the COLOR BOX dating back to 1990.

Plastic Process Chart 

Ask your Standox distributor for a copy of the latest Plastic Process Chart.