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Standoblue - Technology that works for you.

For some painters, refinishing is a job. For the Standox technician it’s a calling. Standoblue, the new superior environmentally friendly basecoat system from Standox, has therefore been created with one idea in mind: to put great paint in the hands of master refinishers. As the refinishing system of choice for those who approach vehicle refinishing as an art, the new system delivers excellent results every time.

As a VOC (volatile organic compound) compliant product, Standoblue meets all Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) specifications, and is perfectly suited for high productive, OEM approved body shops. Its innovative properties combine numerous benefits which are important in day-to-day refinishing work. Such benefits include:

  • High flexibility regardless of climate changes and perfect finishes irrespective of individual ‘application style”.
  • Easily applied in just one and a half spray passes, refinishers can rest assured of excellent results while saving on time and money.
  • Providing a broad application window- due to choosing appropriate viscosity adjusters for different climatic conditions.
  • Excellent sand ability facilitates the easy elimination of potential flaws.
  • Easy formula search thanks to the Genius and comprehensive colour documentation.
  • Finest metallic pigments with excellent colour accuracy, free from clouding.
  • Interior refinishing and three-coat build-up possible with Hardener.

As a superior waterborne basecoat system, the product promises fast drying results and the ability to achieve the smoothest of blend-ins, even on small areas; results will always be seamless. The fact that no colour transitions are visible on a vehicle refinished with Standoblue is due to the product’s state-of-the-art technology that ensures an even pigment orientation in the paint film. Clouding during the application or colour changes when drying are thus excluded with the new basecoat – not only with pearls, but also with the finest metallic shades.

Standoblue blends perfectly into the entire premium Standox product line and is another example of the forward looking product innovations provided by the Wuppertal-based paints manufacturer. Following comprehensive test runs, long-term weathering and technical tests, the new system has won over the automotive industry and major manufactures have already given their approval for Standoblue.

Six recognised magazines of the painter trade press have reported on their experiences with Standoblue.

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