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Solventbased Refinish Paint System

About our Systems...

Standox has developed a range of highly successful paint systems to suit the needs of Southern African refinishers and provided all the relevant information enabling them to make an informed choice.

In this segment - which will be regularly updated - we demonstrate the theory behind these systems and outline the different products. In our training section, details of the various training courses catering to thesesystems and products are provided.

High Opacity Toners

Advanced 2K and basecoat toners, which are produced locally, not only increase productivity but also reduce material usage and improved coverage and colour accuracy.

Xirallic Toners

First launched in South Africa in 2003 by Standox! Made from special synthetic pearl pigments. Indoors, these toners look like normal pearlescents, however when viewed in sunlight, Xirallics emit a unique coarse and brilliant effect. They are available in white, red, gold, copper, blue and green and can be mixed with over 100 colours.