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Latest Products

Standox Tinted Clearcoats

Spectacular special automotive finishes have never been more popular and their prevalence in new OEM colour offerings continues to escalate. Repairing these three- or four-coat finishes requires special attention, distinctive processes and can test even the most qualified refinisher's expertise. Recognising this, Standox supports refinishers' practical requirements by continuously developing refinishing solutions for special colours.

Committed to customer partnerships and providing a solution-oriented service, Standox has developed a special process to repair these unique colours. This refinish process demands the usage of a tinted clearcoat additive.



  • Renault - Rouge Flamme Metallic
  • Alfa Romeo - Rosso Competizione Metallic
  • Ford - Blue Candy Metallic

For customised training on the tinted clearcoat refinish process - call us on +27 (0)11 861 0300.

Standocryl VOC Xtra Clear

Standocryl VOC Xtra Clearcoat represents the new benchmark in clearcoat technology and shows both excellent vertical stability and low material usage, as it is designed for both one visit and two-coat application. This makes it extremely versatile in its application, while also being suitable for part and full resprays.

Standocryl VOC Express Clear

This high-grade 2K clear coat is perfect for spot, panel and overall repairs. Applied in a single pass, the product is easily adapted to compliment the unique application requirements of the Standox VOC hardeners and thinners. Thanks to its energy-saving features such as reduced drying time and improved air-drying performance, the product promises to boost body shop productivity and profitability. In only 15 to 30 minutes at 50 to 60°C panel temperature, it hardens sufficiently for body reassembly, while overnight air-drying and extra fast infrared drying are also possible.






VOC Nonstop Primer Filler

The new VOC Nonstop Primer Filler is a multipurpose product that can be easily adapted to suit the needs of a modern body shop. As a versatile system, this primer filler allows for no material wastage — saving body shops valuable time and money. It can be used as a Wet-on-Wet filler, a sanding filler or an isolating filler for critical substrates.

As a Wet-on-Wet filler, it is ideally suited for use with the Standohyd Basecoat system. The top coat can be applied after a short flash-off time of only 15—20 minutes. As a sanding filler, the VOC Nonstop Primer Filler is perfect for wet or dry sanding. Force drying is possible with this new system, while air drying at 18—22 °C over night is an added benefit. Boasting excellent isolating properties, the VOC Nonstop Primer Filler will not disappoint.




Standox HS & VOC Hardeners

Supplying innovative products and services to the refinish market is a Standox commitment. Recently added to the Standox stable is a complete range of HS & VOC Hardeners, which promise to boost productivity in body shops:

  • Standox 2K HS Hardener 25 – 40
  • Standox VOC Hardener 30 – 40
  • Standox 2K HS Hardener 20 – 30
  • Standox VOC Hardener 25 – 30
  • Standox 2K HS Hardener 15 – 25
  • Standox VOC Hardener 10 – 20

From Start to Finish in 90 minutes

Recently added to the Standox stable is the VOC Pro Filler available in a 3.5lt pack. A highly productive sanding filler, the VOC Pro boasts an incredible air drying time of just 90 minutes at 18-22°C! 

Now sanding can be done straight after drying, leaving the booth free for the next job. For body shop operators looking for even greater efficiency, infrared drying is an option thanks to the VOC Pro’s excellent blistering resistance.

The “Pro” in this product’s name signifies productivity! Distinguished by its efficiency of application, economical consumption and excellent drying properties — the VOC Pro Filler is the only way to go! 





Standox 2K Special Matt

High gloss paint will always be popular, but fashionable matt vehicle finishes are becoming more common. Which means that body shops will have to deal with rising numbers of matt OEM finishes to be repaired. This challenge can be handled with experience, the right products and clear refinishing instructions. Standox does not only offer the right product — 2K Special Matt clearcoat additive but a body shop poster that describes each step of the complex refinishing procedure.

The Standox Silver Lining

Standohyd Basecoat Pure Silver, the latest shade out of the Standox stable, is a special-effect colour that is particularly suited for coating wheels, mirror housings and add-on parts. A bright, very fine silver shade, it follows the trend towards liquid metal or chrome effect appearances and makes wheels, mirror housings and add-on parts shine like liquid metal. Pure Silver enables body shops to offer high-quality aluminium-look finishes, which add value to cars and motorcycles alike.The move towards the liquid metal effect is seen not only at the OEM level, but also in the refinishing sector, where a special application process is used.Considering that “liquid” silver wheels are also increasing in popularity and an important accessory for any stylish or sports car, the launch of Pure Silver could not be better timed and will no doubt quickly become a sought after product in the modern body shop.


Just another reason to convert to Standox, the preferred partner of refinishers worldwide with the largest number of approvals from all leading automotive manufacturers.